Tuesday, 1 April 2014

UK release of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Blu Ray

Second Sight has made an announcement on their UK release of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

Sincere apologies for how long this announcement has taken. It is always our policy, wherever possible, to include extras involving cast, crew or otherwise on our releases and we have spent the last year trying to make this happen for this release. However, on this occasion it's just not been possible and so we've taken the decision to release the film with no extras rather than wait any longer. We will be releasing THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT on Blu-ray on June 23rd. Many thanks for your support and patience on this one.

Just thought I would inform you of this, as I'm sure there must be a number of fans that have been holding out for this version. Whilst the Blu Ray contains no extras, the sleeve does retain the artwork that was original to the Warner's big box VHS and will no doubt bring back a few memories                                                      

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