Friday, 6 August 2021

Cry Macho advertising campaign is launched

Cry Macho advertising campaign is launched
The marketing campaign for Cry Macho began yesterday (August 5, 2021), when "first look" images, a poster and an official trailer were released. In an interview, Eastwood described it as an "uplifting and poignant drama" about "a man who has been through some hard times in his life and then unexpectedly another challenge is brought to the foreground. He would normally never do it but he is a man of his word. He follows through. And it starts his life over again” While Variety's Ethan Shanfeld commented that Eastwood "redefines machismo" in the trailer.
It’s interesting that the trailer uses an arrangement of Ennio Morricone’s music from The Mission, an uplifting piece of music and perhaps a nod to the late composer who was so inspirational as part of the Leone / Dollar trilogy.
Below: The first poster released for Cry Macho
Below: Some early photos from Cry Macho
Below: The official trailer for Cry Macho

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