Sunday, 26 January 2014

Broadsword calling Danny Boy! T-Shirts

I just wanted to remind Eastwood fans (and film fans in general) that our "BROADSWORD CALLING DANNY BOY" T-shirts are still available to buy. The immortal line was of course made famous by Richard Burton in the epic Where Eagles Dare and have since become engraved in popular culture. 

Cinema Subtle Tees is the new T shirt line available exclusively through Cinema Retro.  The shirt itself does not feature the name of the movie, because that's part of the fun. Make instant contact with other classic and cult movie fans by sporting this cool T shirt, exclusive to Cinema Retro. If someone recognizes the quote, you'll probably have a new friend in your life!  

Our motto is, "If you have to ask what movie the line is from, you don't need the shirt!"

High quality, 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom T shirt. If they can identify the film, you've probably made a new friend. 

All shirts ship from our USA office worldwide. Price $20 (USA/Canada)/ $28 anywhere else in the world. Prices include postage. Please specify size: XXL, (50-52), XL (46-48), L (42-44), Medium (38-40)

For information on how to order and full payment details press here 

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