Friday, 24 January 2014

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – The Paul Williams song - Where do I go from here

To celebrate Twilight Times forthcoming Blu Ray release of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, I thought I’d post this piece on the film’s memorable song, Where do I go from here. The song was recorded by American singer/songwriter/actor Paul Williams and was originally released on his 1972 A&M album, Life goes on (SP-4367). The album has only ever had a CD release in Japan, making the track extremely hard to obtain. Whilst the CD is hard enough to obtain, collectors may or may not realise that the track was actually released as a 7” vinyl single (also in Japan) (AM 219 Stereo). The single’s picture sleeve contains super images and was clearly released to tie-in with the film. It has become something of a ‘Holy Grail’ piece among Eastwood fans and collectors, even tracking down pictures of the single are like finding a needle in a (huge) haystack! Nevertheless, I'm happy to say that I've had these images on file for many years – waiting for something very special to come along in order to tie in and post them.

As the Twilight Times Blu Ray includes both a commentary and an isolated score of Dee Barton’s music, this seemed like the ideal opportunity. Over the (on and off) years of researching this track, I also learnt that it was also pressed as a promotional single vinyl in Brazil. The single contained the song on both the A and B side and included the lyrics printed on the sleeve. This was pressed on the ‘Odean’ label (SDP-559) which also states it is from the film O Último Golpe, which was the release title of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot in Brazil. As I only know of this promo single, I cannot confirm if the record actually went on general sale. However, it’s a fascinating little story. 

Below: The Brazilian single Where do I go from here

Below: A nice little video made on YouTube with the Paul Williams song.


Unknown said...

Its about time Intrada released this score. I keep checking their website in the off chance it will be released soon. Play Misty and The Beguiled too. Hopefully soon!!!

Clint's archive said...

Hello Stranger!
Good to hear from you Dave.
Oh I wish I could tell you more... but I'd have to kill you LOL ;-)