Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – Blu Ray confusion

It was around May 2013 that rumours began circulating that Thunderbolt and Lightfoot was going to receive a Blu Ray release from the respected label, Criterion.  Some eight months on and nothing has seemed to come of it. It was originally reported that the information came from director Michael Cimino’s Twitter account. However, there are various rumours that this is in fact a fake account.  Historically, I could see how this would make a good title for Criterion – as it was Cimino’s first film. Criterion have already released Cimino’s epic Heaven’s gate (1980) on Blu Ray in November, 2012. The quality of Criterion’s Blu Ray has received a great deal of praise – which only leaves us contemplating over just how good Thunderbolt and Lightfoot might be. The only problem of course, is that Criterion’s Blu Rays are regionally locked, which means that a great deal of people would miss out on this release. But in the last few weeks, rumours have also begun to circulate (on home theatre forums) that Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is due to be released on Blu Ray in the UK?

It appears that the confusion is rife. I guess we’ll simply have to be patient and wait for someone to confirm one way or another. Mr Cimino, any clues?

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