Saturday, 18 November 2017

Clint with Weaver Arms Nighthawk 9mm Carbine

Here's a picture that has myself  and a great deal of friends a little confused. Taken in 1984, a couple of us first thought the gun looked a little like the classic Tommy gun of the U.S. prohibition period, which lead us to conclude that it was perhaps a pre-production picture for City Heat. However, I'm no gun expert, so I did a little research on the gun, which revealed that it was actually manufactured in 1984, and pretty much ruled out the City Heat scenario. The only information surrounding this photo reads: 'Clint Eastwood with a 'Weaver Arms Nighthawk 9mm Carbine' 1984 Photo taken in the editorial offices of International Combat Arms Magazine.' I have also since learnt that this magazine is no longer in publication. As one friend also suggested, perhaps it was just a simple case that Clint knew some people or had some friends who were connected with the publication and he was simply visiting or had the chance to try out the new model at a range? I can't seem to find any type of publicity campaign behind the gun that Clint was involved with, so it's a real puzzler. Nevertheless, it's a photo that I felt was worthy of a mention, and of course, worth preserving here on the Archive.

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