Thursday, 9 November 2017

Where Eagles Dare 10x8 b/w Photo Gallery No 2 101-162

Besides being a big favourite among Eastwood fans, we are all constantly surprised at how many photos from this classic war movie continue to surface. A few of us were only discussing this again a couple of weeks ago. It had me thinking, and thought it would be a good idea to create a dedicated gallery of Where Eagles Dare b/w press stills. This is the second Gallery, taking us beyond the first 100. Most of the UK stills were marked with an ‘ED’ number, both on the front and on the reverse as part of the printed (usually purple-ish) legend (information). The stills will not only be direct scenes from the film, but will also include publicity and behind the scenes stills that officially tied in with the movie. These will just be b/w. Colour lobby stills and colour photos can be found on the dedicated Where Eagles Dare page from the drop down menu on the right. I hope to eventually make this the most complete archive of Where Eagles Dare stills on the web. Each and every photo has been cleaned up, repaired and re-touched in order to present them in the best possible quality. Thanks to Kevin Wilkinson and Neil Thomson for their continued help. There are still more to come so I will continue to update this second Gallery (and the count in the post heading) as more come to me.  

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