Thursday, 23 November 2017

Flashback: November 11th 1985, Clint’s dance with Princess Diana

It’s hard to believe that 32 years ago this month, Clint attended a gala dinner at the White House and danced with a beautiful 24-year-old Diana. The dinner attended by Diana and Charles was part of a trip to the U.S. - and is also remembered for President Ronald Reagan forgetting the Princess of Wales's name in an after-dinner speech (Princess David). Nevertheless, the princess looked radiant, if a little nervous on her first trip to the United States. Fortunately, White House photographer Pete Souza captured and immortalised the event with a couple of photos that were finally seen in 2013.

The event was also immortalised by cartoonist Charles Griffin (left) in the British press, when his caricature featuring John Travolta, Princess Diana and Clint appeared in The Daily Mirror on Tuesday, November 12th and still remains a memorable piece. 

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