Thursday 6 September 2018


Back in February 2009 I began a post here on the Archive which focused on these ad blocks that would appear in US TV guides and newspapers. The original page can be viewed here and contains some 111 variations. Gradually over the years, I have amassed another 39 different ads which I am placing here as a second page. These ads are great to view as many of them often contain very different artwork to that used on the original film posters. Often thrown away with the original paper or magazine, they have become rather special to look back upon and I believe are worth preserving. If you should have any of these that you have collected over the years and would like to share the image please feel free to contact me in the comment section below which will not be published, unless of course you would like to be credited.
 Below: This ad was originally over 2 pages which I have joined for this display 
 Below: Unfortunately, this looks as if it was part of a 2 page spread. This is the only page I have.

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