Monday, 12 February 2018

Collecting Clint in print # 4 Clint Eastwood (J'ai lu cinéma. Les Grands acteurs) (French Edition)

Clint Eastwood (J'ai lu cinéma. Les Grands acteurs) (French Edition) by Hélène Lagarde was yet another series of books from France. The series also covered stars such as Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe and director Alfred Hitchcock. Eastwood was the subject of book No 5 in the series. 

The book was a more conventional size paperback measuring approx. 7.1” x 4.3” in size and consisted of 144 pages. It was published by Editions J'ai lu books on September 20th 1988. Written in French text, there is a nice selection of images printed on semi matt paper in b/w and colour. 

It’s a rather nice book actually; I only wish I could read it. It also contains a nice picture featuring Clint, Don and Meg Myles during Coogan’s Bluff which I can’t remember ever seeing as a still or in any other publication? I can’t recall where I purchased this from. However, it can still be found these days on both Ebay and Amazon, and is often on offer for between 1-6 euros.

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