Friday 16 February 2018

Collecting Clint in print # 10 Clint Eastwood: Sexual Cowboy (English)

Clint Eastwood: Sexual Cowboy written by Douglas Thompson is a book which I remember buying from new. The author was a familiar name due to his regular stories found within The Sunday Express, The Daily Express and The Mail on Sunday newspapers. As I remember, this is quite an easy and enjoyable read. Thompson also had the advantage of interviewing Eastwood on a number of occasions. It is illustrated with two sections of b/w stills. The reproduction of the stills are good and on glossy paper. The book is the regular sized hardback format measuring approx. 15.5 x 23.8 cm and consists of 216 pages. It was first published in England by Smith Gryphon; 1st Edition UK edition Sept. 1992 and covers Clint’s career up through to The Unforgiven (as the book refers to it). Actually the book also refers to Unforgiven’s original script title as The Cut-Whore Killings rather than The William Munny Killings. There are some nice photos used in this book, including that great shot of Clint with Jo Ann Harris at  a screening for The Beguiled. The front cover (for this 1st edition) features a photo of Clint from a session which saw the same image appear on a great deal of magazine publications in the Eighties. However, the paperback edition (below) came with a different cover photo, an even earlier picture dating from around 1976-77. As for the availability of this book, there really shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I have seen used copies (both hardback and softback editions) on Amazon starting as low as 1p. It also shows up regularly on Ebay (mostly Pre-owned) and usually with a buy now price ranging from £2.50 - £15.00 for the Hardback edition. The original cover price on the first published edition was £15.99.    

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