Friday 16 February 2018

Collecting Clint in print # 7 Clint Eastwood VIP Cinema – (German)

Clint Eastwood VIP Cinema – (German text) written by Berndt Schulz is a book which is part of a series that also featured Robert De Niro, Don Johnson and Nick Nolte. As I recall, I remember picking up this book from a German seller at a film fair in London. It is generally well-illustrated throughout in both colour and b/w. The reproductions of stills are also of a good quality. The book is a large paperback format measuring approx. 11.5” x 9.5” in size and consists of 80 pages. It was published in Germany by VIP publishing in 1993 and covers Clint’s career up through to A Perfect World. There are also some nice colour pictures covering the Oscars win for Unforgiven, the film that is also used for illustrating the books front cover. There is also a terrific colour shot of Clint taken on location from Magnum Force, sitting on a chair at the shipyard. It’s a lovely shot which I can’t recall seeing anywhere else. Overall, it’s a pretty nice publication. Availability for this particular book is a little on the tough side, you don’t see too many copies around these days especially on Amazon. However, it does show up occasionally on Ebay (more often from Germany) and usually with a £5.00 starting price.    

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