Friday 6 February 2009

Breezy 1973

Breezy is a 1973 American romantic drama film, starring William Holden and Kay Lenz. It was written by Jo Heims and directed by Clint Eastwood. It was the third film directed by Eastwood. Ea
stwood does not act in Breezy (as he did in some of the films he directed, such as in Play Misty for Me) but he appears uncredited as a "Man in Crowd on Pier".
Edith Alice "Breezy" Breezerman (Kay Lenz) is a carefree, 17-year-old hippie. Frank Harmon (William Holden) is a divorced, burnt-out, middle-aged real estate agent. During the film they fall in love, and each teaches the other a little about life.
Below: How Breezy would have opened when seen in UK cinemas with its original AA certificate
Click below to view original Trailer for Breezy
To play 'Breezy's Song' by Shelby Flint, click Below:
Breezy 1973 10 x 8 (Dir Only) Press Stills x 4 b/w (all feature Clint)
Breezy 1973 Kay Lenz William Holden Original Australian Day bill
Breezy 1973 Michel Legrand Original Soundtrack (Superb Vinyl Conversion)
Below: Here are the front and back covers of the original album sleeve
Breezy 1973 Mini Lobby set x 8 USA
Breezy 1973 Blu-ray release
Breezy 1973 Original Radio Spots 60, 30, 30, 10 secs (MP3)
Breezy 1973 Original UK double sided press sheet with synopsis, cast and credits
Breezy 1973 DVD Starring William Holden and Kay Lenz
Some other great material from around the world

Below: 2 U.S. 1 sheet posters for Breezy, the bottom design featured an insert picture, promoting Clint as Director
Below: The U.S Half sheet poster for Breezy
Below: The Full U.S. Lobby card set for Breezy size 14 x 11
Below: Breezy Italian locandina poster
Below: The Spanish 1 sheet poster for Breezy
Below: Here is the Swedish Film Program
Below: Clint takes a break during the filming of Breezy

Original Reviews
Breezy (1973)
'Breezy' Breezes In
November 19, 1973
By VINCENT CANBY, New York Times
Published: November 19, 1973

A cloyingly naive resolution mars "Breezy," which opened yesterday, an otherwise engrossing drama of an aging man's infatuation with a tender-hearted 17-year-old girl derelict.
Generally, the fine work of William Holden, who is perfectly cast as the dour, lonely hero, and the low-keyed direction by Clint Eastwood, good dialogue, by Jo Heims and trim sideline performances by Marj Dusay, Roger C. Carmel and Shelly Morrison sustain the narrative flow and mood in this film.
Young Kay Lenz plays the girl appealingly. But it's hard to believe that a rather seasoned vagrant could exude such spiritual purity.
BREEZY, directed by Clint Eastwood; written by Jo Heims; produced by Robert Daley and presented by Universal Pictures.
At the Columbia II Theater, Second Avenue at 64th Street.
Running time: 108 minutes.
(This film is rated "R")
Frank Harmon . . . . . William Holden
Breezy . . . . . Kay Lenz
Bob Henderson . . . . . Roger C.
Carmel Botty . . . . . Marj Dusay
Nancy Henderson . . . . . Shelley Morrison
Paula . . . . . Joan Hotchkis
Below: A rare colour shot of Clint directing - thanks to our friend Steve Saragossi 
Below: A couple of recently discovered Universal publicity stills from Breezy, my thanks to Davy Triumph.


Salty Letters said...

Dear you

Just to let you know that years after dato I loved to see 'Breezy '..
I loved it enormously!

rose_03rc said...

I really haven't watched this in 1973 because it was rated R and I was just 14 years old then. Now I remember the song and the cast and finally after 41 years I finally got the chance to watch this :-) I really love the song so much and I love the movie. Good work Mr. Eastwood!

Clint's archive said...

Thanks for posting Rose, Breezy is a charming, and much underrated little movie, glad you enjoyed it :)