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Clint Eastwood related Vinyl Records from around the world

I like original vinyl records - they remain so nostalgic. In a time where music is now represented by a CD or even a file, there is something rather special about holding a record in your hands and simply admiring the cover art (try doing that with a file!) So here are a few to start off this great section.

Above: ROWDY was a single released by Clint on the Cameo Parkway label C240, released at the height of Clint's success in the TV series RAWHIDE, the flip side contained a little tune named Cowboy Wedding Song.

Above: A Nice original 7" single from France for FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE

Above: A Nice French 7" Single for the Hugo Montenegro Version of The Good The Bad and the Ugly.

Above: A very nice single from Japan for Ennio Morricone's original version of The Good The Bad and the Ugly

Above: A rare LP from Japan which contained western themes, often poor cover versions of the music, but Eastwood's image for the sleeve often proved to be a winner.

Above and Below: An original Italian 7" Single for For a Few Dollars More, Below shows the reverse of the sleeve which is also beautifully designed.

Above: A rare Italian 7" Single for the theme from A Fistful of Dollars
Below: The same Ennio Morricone 7" Single but from Japan

Above: A very nice design for this rare Thailand EP

Above and Below: Another 2 examples of western themes LP's from Japan where Clint's image was used as the main selling point.

Below: Also from Japan, a very rare 7" 45rpm of the Theme from Two Mules for Sister Sara by Ennio Morricone Cat No: MCS3710

Below: A very nice French 45rpm for For a Few Dollars More

Below: Roberta Flack's The First Time ever I saw your Face from the Motion Picture PLAY MISTY FOR ME was released as a B side on the Old Gold Record Label, but remains the only official piece of Music released from Clint's film.

Below: With the use of a PC today, a rather dull cover (as above) can be hidden by a Custom made Insert as I have done here. Inserted into the plastic outer sleeve, the record is suddenly transformed, and as a result, is kept more in line with the film tie in.

Above: A Rare French 45 for Hugo Montenegro's Hang em High
Below: A very Rare EP from Thailand, containing several western themes, Including For a Few Dollars More.
* I'd like to thank a very special U.S. friend of The Archive, Bill Thomson for both of these excellent vinyl records which Bill very kindly gave me. Bill, you're too kind sir!

Below: Released in the U.K. in the 1980's Frankie Laine's Theme to Rawhide was released in this picture sleeve.

Above: Clint teamed up with Merle Haggard for Bar Room Buddies taken from the film BRONCO BILLY.
Below: Clint takes to the Mic for Burning Bridges, the song featured in KELLY'S HEROES.

Below: Clint teamed up with T.G. Sheppard for the song MAKE MY DAY, a single released to tie in with the media frenzy that came with the Fourth Dirty Harry Movie, Sudden Impact in 1984.

Below: Original sheet music for Make My Day
Below: This Paramount release hit the No 1 position in the charts, Lee Marvin's Wandrin' Star was featured on one side while Clint's I talk to the Trees featured on the other. Both tracks of course are from Paint Your Wagon.

Below: Radio Spots and Interview records are among my very favourites, I don't own a great deal of them and there are certainly more out there that I am eager to add to the collection ANY HELP PLEASE!!!!
Here's a nice record from United Artists containing Original Radio spots for HANG EM HIGH

Below: A very rare Interview record used for local radio stations to promote the western TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA, 1 side features an open ended interview with Eastwood while the reverse featured an open ended interview with Shirley MaClaine.

Below: Another rare piece of vinyl promotion for TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA, this time, the full collection of Radio Spots.

Above and Below: 2 more Records from Universal containing the full range of Radio Spots, above; The Beguiled and below Joe Kidd.

Below, another rare single release on the Gothic label, UNKNOWN GIRL, released during Clint's Rawhide period.

Below: Another rare 7" Single, not sure of it's origin, possibly an Italian Release, can anyone confirm

Below: Clint's LP Cowboy Favourites was released while he was starring in Rawhide. Released in both Stereo and Mono, it is always high on 'wanted' lists among Clint Eastwood collectors and can often fetch High prices.

Below: Another great cover for what seems to be an LP version of For a Few Dollars More and the River Kwai a Go Go (as seen above) Luckily, I have a little more information regarding this particular version with a Cat No RLX-510, the LP comes from Maylasia.

Below: How about these 2 wonderful releases from Japan, both 7" vinyl singles, the first is one of the many releases from the dollar trilogy and of course, composer Ennio Morricone. The second is the beautiful single release from The Eiger Sanction, music composed by John Williams.

Cat No SRA -65

Cat No D1289
Here's a very Rare 7" 45rpm from Germany which features the theme from Hang em High, the great Picture sleeve naturally features a still from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Just to confuse things of course!
Cat No: Liberty 15137A

Below: This Paint Your Wagon 7" 45 rpm from France featured a nice picture sleeve of Lee Marvin
Cat No Paramount 00691369

Below: Another French Single,  Side A: Wandrin' star Side B: Best things. (With Clint Eastwood + chorus).
And from Germany this 7" 45 rpm featured the original film artwork on its sleeve Cat No Paramount 00691108

Below: Swedish Single in picture sleeve Paramount 3004
Below: Paint Your Wagon Spanish Single Paramount H559
Below: For a few Dollars More Japanese 45rpm
Below: Fistful of Dollars French 45rpm 1966 RCA 41027

Below: For a few Dollars More German 45rpm RCA 47 9700

Below: Fistful of Dollars / For a few Dollars More French LP 1975 FCL11746

Below: Fistful of Dollars German 45rpm RCA479615

Below: Fistful of Dollars French EP 1967 RCA86480M

Below: For a few dollars more Spanish EP RCA320997

Below: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Double LP version Dagored 2001 RED130

Below: The Good the Bad and the Ugly 45 rpm Netherlands 1968 UA25785

Below: The Good the Bad and the Ugly German 45rpm Hugo Montenegro RCA479423

Below: The Good the Bad and the Ugly Italy 45 rpm1966 Parade- Eureka 45EOC1800

Below: The Good the Bad and the Ugly Spanish EP 1967 45rpm UA HU067141

Below: The Good the Bad and the Ugly German 45rpm UA35905

Below: Here's some nice records sent in by our good friend, Mal baker
7" Single from Japan LL-2104 UA GBU -FAFDM

Also from Japan RCA's Gold Standard Series RCA SS 3336 Japan GBU FOD

And another later 7" issue on the United Artist label UA FM 2062 stereo Japan FOD

Above (SCP-1279 RCA VICTOR) and Below (SS-1696 RCA VICTOR): 2 Very similar 7" single releases from Japan

Below: 2 Great looking Hang em High 7" singles from Japan on the United Artists label
(FM-2011 S)

(FM-1023 S)

Below: Here are a couple more examples of The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face which was featured in the film Play Misty For Me (see above). First, here is a rare advance promo release of the UK single and below that, the regular U.S. release on Atlantic records.

Below: A nice Japanese 45 from For a few dollars more
Below: Another beautiful Japanese 45
Below: A nice 1968 Australian 7" EP for the Hugo Montenegro Versions of Hang em High, Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - RCA 20478
Below: Japanese Single Philips SFL-3163
Below: Japanese Single Gold Standard FOD - GBU - SS-2066
Below: Japanese Single GBU - FAFDM RCA SS 2598
Below: Japanese Fistful of Dollars 45rpm RCA SS 2597
Below: A beautiful cover image for the French LP Hugo Montenagro 1969 RCA Victor 740 549
Below: Japanese 45rpm single with great cover photo The Good the Bad and the Ugly PM 2047
Below: Fistful of Dollars / For a Few Dollars More Rare Netherlands 1977 RCA LP CL-17146

Per pugno dollari japan 45 Philips FD-1029
RCA Victor SCP-1352
Marcia with Hope single Hugo Montenegro RCA 47-9423
Rare Play Misty for Me single from Japan Leico Records
Here's a very unusual 7" single I picked up recently, a cover of Burning Bridges from 1970 on the Plexium Label PXM19 
Another unusual LP on the Custom Record Label, which looks like a poor cover version of Morricone's The Good, Bad and the Ugly soundtrack
Ronnie Milsap Single from Bronco Billy - Cowboys and Clowns on RCA Records
Below: The Good, the bad and the Ugly Leroy Holmes Single on United Artists UP 2222
 Below: The RCA Victor single of Hugo Montenegro's Hang 'em high RCA 1771
Below: Original LP HM 608 Hallmark Uniart cover and vinyl


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I have a copy of the 45 RPM "Bar Room Buddies". It's Elektra Records, 1980 pressing in good condition with the original sleeve in good condition. It belongs to my mom who is willing to sell it if anyone is interested. I can be reached at for this purpose only. Nice site! I learned a lot. Thanks.

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Thanks for posting Suz, I hope the vinyl gets a good home.
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Comprehensive, fun and interesting... I don't know if I'd kill for these records, but I would love to find good quality rips of a few of them...

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