Friday 6 February 2009

The Rookie 1990

The Rookie is a 1990 action thriller film directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, and co-starring Charlie Sheen. Nick Pulovski (Eastwood) and his partner, Powell, are assigned to the case of taking down the criminal empire of the local German mob boss, Strom (Julia), who specialises in Chop Shop operations. During an encounter with Strom and his men, who are loading a tow truck with stolen cars, Powell is killed by Strom, and Pulovski, despite his efforts to catch the criminals on the motorway (which results in multiple car crashes and pile-ups), loses them.

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The Rookie 1990 Clint Eastwood Charlie Sheen UK QUAD 30 x 40
To View the Original Trailer, click below:
Below, The Rookie 4 x Original 35mm Slides from Warner Bros
The Rookie 1990 Clint Eastwood Charlie Sheen Original Belgian poster
The Rookie 1990 DVD R1 Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen with Original Trailer
Below: The Rookie Blu-ray, for some reason still holds an incredibly high price, but it is a nice transfer and far better than the DVD
The Rookie 1990 Japan mini poster full colour art
The Rookie 1990 Japanese Original colour Brochure
The Rookie 1990 Large original vinyl cinema banner approx 11ft x 3ft
The Rookie 1990 Laserdisc NTSC Widescreen
Below: The Rookie 1990 Lobby set x 8 French
The Rookie 1990 Lobby stills x 5 German
The Rookie 1990 UK FOH set x 8 (10x8)
The Rookie 1990 Original film tie in paperback
The Rookie 1990 Original U.S. 1 sheet poster rolled
The Rookie 1990 Press Stills b/w x 16 + 1 colour
The Rookie 1990 RARE reel-to-reel Audio
This is another very rare collectable to look out for in connection with The Rookie (1990). This is an original audio promo reel for The Rookie and contains 4 audio soundbites from the film. However, what makes this much more of a collectable is that it also contains the music theme by Lennie Niehaus. The soundtrack to The Rookie has of course never been released – therefore making this reel, and its musical track a very special little piece.
The Rookie 1990 USA Cast and credits colour folder
The Rookie 1990 USA Full production notes
The Rookie 1990 USA Rare promo item of police badge with both Clint and Martin Sheen’s face
Below: Clint, the Rookie and me 1990 promo VHS from WB
This is a very rare piece to look out for. It is a 26 minute documentary called Clint: The Rookie & me. It was made during the filming of The Rookie and it is absolutely hilarious. In fact, it could arguably be described as better than the full length feature film. What I have never been able to understand is why this great piece has never been included on any home edition of the film, the VHS, the laserdisc, DVD or more importantly, the Blu-ray. It's an incredible oversight on Warner Bros part. I'm still yet to own The Rookie on Blu-ray, but if it had included this, I would of been inclined to buy it a long time ago. For now, I will have to look after this VHS, as I can't honestly see Warner Bros rushing themselves to add it on any future editions.
Below: The Rookie - A few more German Lobby cards which I don't have in my collection, some were larger format, (see fold lines) and one seemed to slip through - printed upside down?
The above lobby appears to be printed upside down
Below: Original advert from Warner Home Video for when The Rookie was released on June 21st
Below: A Rare shot from The Rookie
Below: The very nicely designed Japanese Laserdisc
Below: It was only recently discovered that a 40" x 60" poster was also produced for The Rookie, our friend Richard DuVal sent me a Marquee photo - and on the right of the entrance the 40" x 60" was spotted.

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