Friday 6 February 2009

The Dead Pool 1988

The Dead Pool (1988) is the fifth and last film in the Dirty Harry film series, set in San Francisco, California and starring Clint Eastwood as Inspector 'Dirty' Harry Callahan. Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey also appear in the film.
Celebrity finally catches up with Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) whose testimony against crime kingpin Lou Janero (Anthony Charnota) puts Janero into prison. One night, Callahan is attacked by Janero's men at a turnoff near the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge while driving. However, he knocks down one of them with his car and shoots the remaining men dead before they finish their jobs. Callahan and his new Chinese American, martial arts-skilled partner Al Quan (Evan C. Kim) are assigned to investigate the death of rock singer Johnny Squares (played by a then unknown Jim Carrey, credited as James Carrey).

The Dead Pool 1988 Clint Eastwood UK QUAD
The Dead Pool 1988 French Production book full colour art
The Dead Pool 1988 German full film program
The Dead Pool 1988 Japan Orig full colour mini Poster rare Chirashis
The Dead Pool 1988 Japan Original fully illustrated colour Brochure
The Dead Pool 1988 Lalo Schifrin Bootleg score which sounds like an M & E track
The Dead Pool 1988 Lobby cards x 2 11 x 14 USA
The Dead Pool 1988 Lobby set x 10 French
The Dead Pool 1988 Lobby set x 8 German
The Dead Pool 1988 Mini Lobby set x 8 USA
The Dead Pool 1988 Original US set of 14 colour slides (transparencies) 1 shown
The Dead Pool 1988 Very Rare Original WB Studio sign

The Dead Pool 1988 10 x 8 Original Press Stills b/w x 20 + 7 Colour
The Dead Pool 1988 UK full production notes
The Dead Pool 1988 UK Media screening preview ticket
The Dead Pool 1988 UK Orig press sheet
The Dead Pool 1988 USA Cast and crew colour folder
The Dead Pool 1988 DVD Clint Eastwood stars as Dirty Harry in the Last of the series of films
The Dead Pool 1988 LD Starring Clint Eastwood in the 5th and final Dirty Harry Movie
The Dead Pool Blu-ray featured in the Dirty Harry Blu-ray Box Set
The Dead Pool 1988 Original soundtrack score by Lalo Schifrin released on Aleph CD
The Dead Pool 1988 An example of some of the great production shots from around the world
Some Additional material from around the World:
The U.S. 1 sheet poster
Here's the U.S. Laserdisc original issue (not from the above Laserdisc box set)
Below: The Dead Pool, UK Warner Home Video big box video sleeve
Below: The Dead Pool Swedish Insert Poster
Below: From Japan, The Dead Pool B2 poster
From my cuttings collection, Clint with director Buddy Van Horn on The Dead Pool
Below: One of the great publicity shots from The Dead Pool
Below: Another nice shot of Clint with director Buddy Van Horn during the making of The Dead Pool
Below: A couple of Press stills from The Dead Pool, sadly missing in my collection
Below: Here's a cracking photo of Clint on the streets of San Francisco during the production of The Dead Pool. My thanks to Kevin Walsh. 
Below: A Japanese advert for The Dead Pool VHS release
Below: The Dead Pool U.S. Newspaper ad.- which is probably inflating the movie to a degree

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