Thursday 5 February 2009


Here's a nice little section where I am hoping to post some nice ads which are endorsed by Eastwood, again, quite rare these days. Do you have any other?

To start things off, here is a very nice full page Ad from 1982, Clint was filming FIREFOX at the time and the image used was a behind the scenes shot from the production. Clint was endorsing KODAK's Hi Speed film 5293, which was used for FIREFOX, but Eastwood makes a number of comments on his previous film productions which make for a great read.

Aron Ranen (0f Digital Video Workshops San Francisco) March 9th 2006
Ranen shoots documentary for Clint Eastwood, The dream gig.

Just want to share with you the great experience I had this weekend as the Cameraman for Clint Eastwood's documentary on the Monterey Jazz Festival. He is a really nice man and actually showed me a lighting trick that looks beautiful. Bill Stafannaci was my audio guy, we had two mixers, three wireless mics, a Boom pole with two nice directional mics. I shot with the Panasonic SDX900. Format was DVCPRO50, frame rate 24P, and 16X9. For Lighting I used my usual Lighting items, plus a JOKER, which is a portable HMI. An HMI is a light that puts out the color temp of roughly 4000-5600K. It acts like a piece of the sun, you use it outdoors as a fill or key light. You do not have to put Blue Gels on an HMI, they are already naturally that color temperature. It looked great. 

The job was a jazz lovers dream, armed with a full access backstage pass we went from shooting Oscar Peterson and Eastwood backstage, to dress rehearsals with Dave Brubeck, working out his new original jazz piece, Cannery Row. Mr. Eastwood did a few casual interviews, and some nice moments came from these. he is truly a genuine, nice person. I feel lucky to be asked to do this for the second year in a row. Don't tell him...but I would have PAID to do this gig!

Below: Clint filmed this commercial warning of the dangers of Crack Cocaine
Below: While not technically supported by Clint, this advertisment for Tamron lenses by Eddie Adams uses his photo of Eastwood for this 1984 Ad

Below: An endorsement from Clint which featured in Las Vegas Magazine July 17th 2011.
Thanks to Dave Turner for providing this and as always, keeping the faith. Thanks Hombre.

We have been fortunate to see some wonderful vintage material of late and this new discovery continues to see that trend is set to continue. From 1969 here is a wonderful colour PSA which would have been circulated in cinemas at the time. More than $90 million has been raised in movie theaters across the country for pulmonary research, neonatal ventilators and free educational materials.
Thanks goes to The Will Rogers Institute. Please visit them at
Click below to view this great piece of historic film

Below: A double sided full page advertisement for the Dirty Harry Pinball machine that Clint was happy to have his image used.


Davy T said...

I think if Clint should add his endorsement or support to anyone it should be The Clint Eastwood Archive..Darren you do a fantastic job keeping his fans up to date with latest news and all the great retro material you find..Brilliant mate, just brilliant. Well done. Dave T former CEAS president

Clint's archive said...

Hi Dave,
Dave you are a real gentleman, your words are very kind. I don't think either of us can be knocked for the commitment we have both shown over the decades, and of course, I wouldn't be here now if it was not for the inspiration of the CEAS, so pat yourself on the back too my friend, we both know that nobody else will.
It's always great to have you here and always appreciate the help.