Friday 6 February 2009

Honkytonk Man 1982

Honkytonk Man is a 1982 drama film set in the Great Depression. Clint Eastwood, who produced and directed the film, stars in the film with his son, Kyle Eastwood. Clancy Carlile's screenplay is based on his novel of the same name.

Clint Eastwood plays a would-be western singer named Red Stoval suffering from tuberculosis who is finally given an opportunity to make it big at the Grand Ole Opry. He is accompanied by his young nephew (played by Eastwood's son Kyle) to Nashville, Tennessee where he is supposed to record a song.
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To view the trailer, click below:
Honkytonk Man 1982 Original U.S. 1 sheet poster rolled 27x41

Honkytonk Man 1982 Original U.S. insert poster rolled

Honkytonk Man 1982 DVD R2 with Original Trailer

Honkytonk Man 1982 German Orig film program
Honkytonk Man 1982 Lobby set x 8 German (best set)
Honkytonk Man 1982 Lobby set x 8 USA 14 x 11

Honkytonk Man 1982 Mini lobby set x 8 USA
Honkytonk Man 1982 Various Artists original U.S. soundtrack LP

Honkytonk Man 1982 Original film tie-in Paperback
Honkytonk Man 1982 Original Full length theatrical Trailer 35MM
Honkytonk Man 1982 Original Warners Country review page Double sided reviewing soundtrack Album
Honkytonk Man 1982 10 x 8 Original Press Stills b/w x 14 + 1 colour

Honkytonk Man 1982 standard LP-CD conversion Original Album sleeve
Honkytonk Man 1982 Original US press kit with 12 stills, production notes in beautiful folder
Below: Two beautiful FYC trade ads for Honkytonk Man
Some nice images collected from the film

Below: at a screening of his movie with co-stars Alexa Kenin and Kyle with daughter Alison
Below: Here is an alternative design used for the French film poster

Below: Honkytonk Man, The Spanish 1 sheet design poster

Below: Honkytonk Man Japanese poster
Below: A rare advertisement for Honkytonk Man
Below: The beautiful UK Quad poster
Below: Honkytonk Man British Press Book
Below: Clint and Kyle during a break from Honkytonk Man
Below: A Great group shot while on location for Honkytonk Man

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