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Well, this is going to be a rather large chapter! Covers will be added in no particular order so they may be from the 60's through to the 2000's and from all corners of the globe! Some covers may also be supported by the cover page article. Do you have more? BUT PLEASE check with me first if you would like to share an image as there are 100's to add. In the meantime here are a few to view.
Below: TV Movie Western Magazine March 1960
Below: Television Age, Japanese Magazine from Feb, 1962
Below: Fair and Rodeo program from August 1962
Below: Saharan Magazine November 1964 

Below: Clint Eastwood: Chicago Tribune Magazine, August 1st 1976, Featured article on Clint

Below: Clint Eastwood: Chicago Tribune Magazine, August 2nd 1992, Featured Unforgiven

Below: Clint Eastwood: Esquire Magazine, October 1988, Featured Eastwood article

Below: Clint Eastwood: Film Comment Magazine, May-June 1996, Featured Eastwood Tribute 

Below: Clint Eastwood: GQ Magazine, March 1993, Featured Eastwood article

Below: Clint Eastwood: Parade Magazine, October 23rd 1983, Featured Eastwood article

Below: Clint Eastwood: People Magazine, June 2nd 1975, Featured The Eiger Sanction

Below: Clint Eastwood: People Magazine, February 13th 1978, Featured Clint/Locke/Gauntlet

Below: Clint Eastwood: Rolling Stone Magazine, July 4th 1985, Featured Eastwood Interview

Below: Clint Eastwood: Screen Actor Magazine, Winter 2002, Featured Eastwood article

Below: Clint Eastwood: People Magazine, January 10th 1983, Featured Clint the family man

Below: Clint Eastwood: People Magazine, June 26th 1995, Featured Madison County

Below: Clint Eastwood: GQ Magazine, November 2009, Man of the Year

Below: Clint Eastwood: Esquire Magazine, January 2009, Wisdom and Damn Good Advice

Below: Clint Eastwood: Private Air Magazine, March/April 2000, Pilot Actor Director

Below: Clint Eastwood: TV Guide August 5th 2000, From Rawhide to Space Cowboys
Below: Heim German Video Magazine No 11 November 1983

Below: Films in Focus Winter 1993 Incs In the Line of Fire and Clint Special feature

Below: Computer Life April 1996 Features the Clint Eastwood CD rom

Below: Carmel Magazine Winter 2002 Featured on Clint hosting Pebble Beach Pro-am

Below: Carmel Behind the Scenes Magazine Community guide Magazine

Below: San Jose Mercury March 30th 1986 features The Candidate: What makes Clint Run?

Below: San Francisco Examiner March 26th 1995 features Local Hero Clint finally gets respect

Below: Crazy Magazine September 1981 features Any which way you can

Below: Cable Guide February 1995 Incs General Eastwood feature and cover shot

Below: Western Gunfighters A Marvel Special Comic

Below: San Francisco Examiner August 10th 1986 Incs Local Hero Carmel's acting Mayor

Below: Screen 27th January 2005 featuring good mock up from a GBU FOH Still

Below: David Litchfield's Ritz Newspaper July 1985 Incs cover shot, content unknown

Below: Cowboys and Indians April 2005 Incs feature Actor Director Legend

Below: The Movie (DeAgostini) Japanese Edition Issue No7 Year 1966

Below: The Mail on Sunday Magazine Night and Day October 27th 1996 You'll never work in this town again (Sondra Locke v Eastwood story)

Below: American Cinematographer September 1993 Incs In the Line of Fire

Below: Jazz Times September 2007 Mise En Swing

Below: Magazine O November 12th 2006 Great cover Photo and Flags of our Fathers

Below: Q Magazine February 2009 Features Jamie Cullum interview with Clint

Below: Photoicon Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 3 2007 Content unknown

Below: Not a lot known about this one, It appears to be perhaps a Film Festival program? There is no date, perhaps you can help solve this mystery?

Below: The New York Times Magazine Feb 27th 2005, great cover shot, contents unknown.

Below: Le Monde 2 Magazine May 2008
Below: Another great cover shot from Alfa Magazine July 2011, content unknown.

Below: Record Mirror Magazine from Feb 21st 1970 to tie in with Paint Your Wagon.

Below: Clint with Matt Damon, Mens Journal Oct 26th 2010
Below: L'Officiel Hommes with Clint cover, French Magazine from September 1988
Below: Spanish Magazine 'Directed by' from 1990 features Clint in White Hunter, Black Heart.
Below: Muscle and Fitness Magazine January 1991 Incs feature Clint Eastwood's workout
Below: Cinema Magazine, not sure of the country of origin or date, although the cover seems to date it around the time of Clint's film Changling.
Below: The Carmel Pine Cone, April 10th 1986, Feature on Clint becoming Mayor of Carmel.
Below: French Magazine Studio, Cover dates it around the time of Hereafter
Below: The Hollywood Reporter, November 11th 2011, feature on J. Edgar
Below: Now Playing Turner Classic Movies Magazine, February 2001, lead up to the Oscars, featuring Unforgiven on Cover
Below: SIAK Magazine, Italy, May 1997, I think this magazine covers Absolute Power
Below: Films in Review, August 1993, Features a standard article on Clint
Below: Parade, September 2008, features article Clint Eastwood at 78 Reckless Again.
Below: Clint Eastwood Box office Magazine United States January 1997
Below: Film Comment, September-October 1992, features Unforgiven
Below: Film Comment, January - February 1978, features an interview with Clint
Below: Film Comment September - October 2003 features article on Mystic River
Below: M Le Magazine Du Monde, January 7th 2012, features Clint Eastwood by Martin Schoeller
Below: A Sirena Magazine, (Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), November 24th 1990 
Below: TV Radiocorriere Magazine, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) 27 May 1988
Below: Box Office Magazine, June 1985, features Pale Rider
Below: Starpics Magazine, United States, July 1972
Below:  Ilustrovana Politika Magazine, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), 4th February 1986 With Pale Rider
Below: La Nacion Magazine, Argentina, 9th January 1972, Content Unknown
Below: Cinema Magazine, Germany,  November 1993, Features In The Line Of Fire
Below: Premiere Magazine, France, June 1994, Content unknown
Below: Action Films Magazine, United States, November 1982, Features Firefox
Below: Premiere Magazine, France, November 1989 Features White Hunter, Black Heart
Below: Cinema Magazine, Greece, March 1993, Content Unknown
Below: USA Weekend, October 13th-15th, 2006 Flags of our Fathers Cover
Below, Parade, October 15th, 2006 Clint talks Flags of our Fathers, Cover
Below: Sun Valley Magazine, Summer / Fall 2013
Below: VIE NUOVE Italian Magazine Issue 25 from June 1966 - Clint while in Italy filming The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Below: Nine to Five Magazine 19th July 1982
Below: 7a Paris Magazine April 1987
 Below: Actua Ciné Magazine September 1993
Below: American Cowboy Magazine  Legends of Western Cinema. Collectors Edition. 2012.
 Below: Architectural Digest Magazine July 1993
 Below: Architectural Digest Magazine March 2005
 Below: Autograph Collector Magazine 1996
 Below: Bell TV Magazine August 2005
Below: Buzz Magazine December 1997 
 Below: Cahiers Du Cinema Magazine February 2009
 Below: Cine Revue Magazine N°9 March 2007
 Below: Cine Tele Revu Magazine June 2010
Below: Cinema Papers Magazine No.91 January 1993
 Below: Empire Magazine  November 2008
 Below: Esquire Magazine [Russia] April 2014
 Below:Esquire Magazine May 2016
 Below: Esquire Magazine September 2016 
 Below: Femina Magazine January 2010 French
 Below: Haciendo Cine Magazine [Argentina] June 2014
 Below: K Magazine [Greece] February 2015
 Below: L'autre Monde Magazine N°97 1985
 Below: L'Avant-Scene Cinema Magazine [France] (November 2002) 
 Below: L'OBS Magazine February 2014
 Below: Le Figaro Magazine Cover [France] (6 February 2015
 Below: Le Figaro Magazine January 2011
 Below: Le Figaro Magazine May 1985
 Below: Les Inrockuptibles Magazine March 2005 
 Below: Les Inrockuptibles Magazine May 1997
 Below: Muscle and Fitness Magazine January 1988
 Below: Nikon Owner Magazine Issue 3
 Below: Panorama 24 Sata Magazine [Croatia] (31 July 2014)
 Below: Parade Magazine January 1997
 Below: Positif Magazine No 530 April 2005
 Below: Studio Cine Live Magazine [France] (February 2015) 
 Below: Studio Cine Live Magazine [France] November 2016
 Below: Studio Magazine November 2008
 Below: Synopsis Magazine September 2003
 Below: Tele Cine Obs Magazine  February 2009
 Below: Tele Cine Obs Magazine January 2010
 Below: Tele Poche Magazine [France] November 1980 
 Below: Tele Poche Magazine February 1987
 Below: Tele Poche Magazine September 1984
 Below: Telerama Magazine 1985
 Below: Telerama Magazine August 1985  
 Below: Telerama Magazine January 2010
 Below: Tintin Magazine No33 1973
 Below: TV DVD Jaquettes Magazine [France] August 2016 
 Below: Télé 7 Jours Magazine September  1993 
 Below: Télé Cable Sat Magazine March 2013
 Below: Télé Dimanche Magazine April 2005
 Below: Télé Journal Magazine November 1980
 Below: Télé K7 Magazine June 1990
 Below: Télé K7 n°245 Clint Eastwood August 1988
 Below: Télé K7 n°471 Clint Eastwood September 1992 
 Below: Télé K7 N°625 Clint Eastwood September 1995
 Below: Télé moustique Magazine January 2010
 Below: Télé Star Magazine March 93
 Below: Télé Star Magazine May 1990
 Below: Télé Star Magazine November 1980
 Below: Vanity Fair Magazine [France] (February 2015)
 Below: Variety Magazine June, 2014
 Below: Video 7 Magazine June 1983
 Below: Video TV Magazine January 1987
 Below:Vogue Hommes Magazine  December 1982 
 Below: Vogue Hommes Magazine May 1990
 Below: Vogue Hommes Magazine October 1985 
 Below: Written By Magazine, November December 2011
The Sunday Telegraph Magazine December 28th 2003
Video Mag, Australian Video magazine from Feb, 1984
 Below: TV DVD Jaquettes Magazine [France] May 2006 
Below: Esquire June 2013 - one of Esquire's various Heroes covers
Below: Select TV magazine Aug - Sept 1982
Below: Mediascene magazine Nov-Dec 1973
Essential Journal Issue 30  Feb 2018
Shatter Poster magazine No 1 1976
Hungarian Magazine RTV 2017
Interview magazine, Czech Republic July 2018
Clint Eastwood - Kino Park Magazine Russia
Ecran Magazine [Chile] 12th September 1967
Monthly Film Bulletin, January 1980
Film a divadlo, from Czechoslovakia 1969 
Here's Health Magazine April 1979 
TV and Satellite week, 14th May 1994
Arcade Magazine, Issue 8, July, 1999
9 to 5 London, July 1st, 1991
CDi Magazine, Issue 4 Date Unknown
Titbits magazine, November 15th, 1980
TVTimes guide to movies on Television Mid 70s
What's on which appears to be from a Free West Midlands entertainment magazine Jan 1984
it SelecTV Dec - Feb 1984
BFI Magazine Membership News, from November 1993
Home Entertainment Magazine, January 1994
Super 8mm magazine Film for the collector, January 1989
The Advocate magazine, November 1997
S & P Parker catalogue February 2000
South American TV magazine featuring Bridges of Madison County, May 1997

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