Friday 6 February 2009

Space Cowboys 2000

Space Cowboys is a 2000 comedy/science fiction/adventure directed by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner as four aged 'ex-test pilots' who are sent into space to repair an old Soviet satellite. The original music score was composed by Eastwood and Lennie Niehaus.
An obsolete Russian communications satellite is about to fall out of orbit, and NASA agrees to deal with it. The onboard systems are so archaic that nobody at NASA understands them, so they ask retired United States Air Force pilot and electrical engineer Dr. Frank Corvin (Clint Eastwood), who designed the original guidance systems from which the satellite has been copied, to help them, despite the longstanding animosity between the engineer and project director Bob Gerson (James Cromwell) due to a past grievance. A flashback reveals that 40 years ago, Corvin's prospects as an astronaut were dashed with the formation of NASA, a civilian agency, for Corvin and his three-man team were replaced by a chimp.

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                        Space Cowboys 2000 Clint Eastwood Donald Sutherland Swedish Insert

Space Cowboys 2000 Japan Orig full colour mini Poster, Chirashis
Space Cowboys 2000 Japan Original Thick fully illustrated colour Brochure
Space Cowboys 2000 Lobby card set x 8 French
Space Cowboys 2000 Lobby card set x 8 USA 14 x 11

Space Cowboys 2000 10 x 8 Original Press Stills b/w x 11
Space Cowboys 2000 Rare Unreleased Lennie Niehaus Score CD
Space Cowboys 2000 USA Synopsis cast folder and full production notes
Space Cowboys 2000 Various Artists Official release CD
Space Cowboys 2000 DVD Clint Eastwood Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones

Below: Space Cowboys Blu-ray release
Below: The Space Cowboys U.S 1 Sheet advance poster and below that, the regular style U.S. 1 sheet

Below: The Space pilots are reunited at the première of 'Space Cowboys' at the Village Theatre in Westwood, California 2000
Below: Space Cowboys, double page advert, opening night film, Deauville Film Festival Sept 2000
Below: Space Cowboys set of 8 10 x 8 Press stills Deauville Film Festival Sept 2000
Below: The rare UK press kit with Warner's Folder /Junket, 40 pages of production notes and 15 b/w stills
Below: A Rare set of 4 original Czech lobby cards for Space Cowboys

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