Friday 6 February 2009

Changeling 2008

Changeling is a 2008 American period thriller directed by Clint Eastwood and written by J. Michael Straczynski. The film begins in 1928 Los Angeles and tells the true story of a woman who recognizes that the boy returned after her son's disappearance is an impostor. After confronting the city authorities, she is vilified as an unfit mother and branded delusional. The events were related to the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, a kidnapping and murder case that was uncovered in 1928. Changeling explores themes such as disempowerment of women and corruption in political hierarchies. The film was made by Imagine Entertainment and Malpaso Productions for Universal Pictures. Ron Howard was to direct, but scheduling conflicts led to his replacement by Eastwood. Howard and Imagine partner Brian Grazer produced, alongside Malpaso's Robert Lorenz and Eastwood.

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To view the Original Trailer, click below:
Changeling 2008 UK Quad poster design 30 x 40

Changeling 2008 DVD with a couple of featurettes as extras

Changeling 2008 Original film soundtrack by Clint Eastwood

Below: The US 1 sheet poster, most worldwide poster designs were of the same style.

Below: The Spanish version of the poster did use an alternative design

Changeling 2008 Blu Ray Edition
Based on a true story, the following cuttings trace the actual events as printed by the LA Times. Clicking on each of them will enable you to read each of them in detail.

Below: An original full page 'For Your Consideration' Ad for The Golden Globe Awards.

2 More full page Ads released in the run up to the film's US theatrical release.

Below: Another great full page 'For your consideration' ad, this time for best Actress

Above: A superb shot of Clint and Angelina taken while promoting the movie
Filming of The Changeling has certainly brought a lot of publicity which of course may have something to do with Angelina Jolie, after all it's not every day a mega star and a superstar both arrive in town. Behind the scenes shots have flooded the internet during its production and while I make every attempt to bring them all together here I would like to thank each person who shared them on the web in the first instance.
Below: Clint preps a scene featuring Angelina Jolie and while busy in all areas, Clint always seems to have time to shake a hand of a local while filming in San Dimas

As always production values on Clint's pictures are second to none as these 4 photos of period cars show.

Below: A selection of 11 shots taken on location

Below: Clint even has time to make a new friend during filming!

Below: A great set of Behind the scenes shots, all taken 15th October 2007, Long Beach, California.

Below: A Selection of Production shots and behind the scenes photos, all shot 16th October 2007, Long Beach, California

Below: Brad Pitt pays a visit to the set in these behind the scenes photos shot on 17th October 2007, Long Beach, California

Below: Collection of Behind the Scenes shots, all taken 18th October 2007, Long Beach California

1. A Scene from The Changeling

2. A Scene from The Changeling

3. Carol Dexter (AMY RYAN)

4. JEFFREY DONOVAN as corrupt LAPD Captain J.J. Jones

5. Outside the courthouse

6. Protesters line L.A. City Hall to support Christine Collins

7. Christine Collins (ANGELINA JOLIE)

8. Serial killer Gordon Northcott (JASON BUTLER HARNER)

9. During Production October 15th 2007

10. Director Clint Eastwood

Another set of Behind the Scenes shots, all taken on October 19th 2007, Long Beach, California.

Some material from around the world:
Here is the artwork for The Changeling as featured in Japan and seen here on the chirashi mini poster

Below: Clint on the set directing Changeling


ADA said...

i love this movie

Clint's archive said...

And I can't blame you for that Ada! ;-)

Thanks for leaving a comment

Anonymous said...

I just watched The Changeling. I was a bit thrown by the use of E.C.T. She was committed before 1938 and if history serves me right that is the year its use was instituted. Is not the movie off a few years regarding this? Still liked it alot. Randi

Clint's archive said...

Hi thanks for your question, I can't be too sure on your point raised, but sometimes film makers do take a little licence, just to enhance the dramatic aspect of a story. I'm no medical historian, but:
Convulsive therapy was introduced in 1934 by Hungarian neuropsychiatrist Ladislas J. Meduna who, believing mistakenly that schizophrenia and epilepsy were antagonistic disorders, induced seizures with first camphor and then metrazol (cardiazol). Within three years metrazol convulsive therapy was being used worldwide.

I'm assuming you realised I borrowed this from Wiki ;-)

As you said though, I great film nevertheless