Friday 6 February 2009

Sudden Impact 1984

Sudden Impact is a 1984 (UK release date) crime thriller and the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood (making it the only Dirty Harry movie to be directed by Eastwood himself). The movie is probably best remembered for Harry's catch phrase "Go ahead, make my day.", often incorrectly attributed to the original film in the franchise; in 2005, it was voted in a poll by the American Film Institute as the sixth most memorable line in cinema history. Sudden Impact is widely considered to be the dirtiest and most violent film of the series.
A period of twelve years have passed since Dirty Harry foiled the psychotic Scorpio Killer, rogue officer Lt. Neil Briggs and his band of murderous patrol cops, and the terrorist People's Revolutionary Strike Force. But now the ageing Harry Callahan, now in his 50's, is back on the trail of a new cold-blooded killer, who may be more dangerous than himself or any of the killers he ever faced.

To view the trailer, click below:
Sudden Impact 1984 Clint Eastwood Original Australian Day bill poster
Sudden Impact 1984 Clint Eastwood Original French poster
Sudden Impact 1984 Original U.S 1 sheet poster 27x41
Sudden Impact 1984 Clint Eastwood Sondra Locke Original U.S. rolled Insert
Sudden Impact 1984 Below: Here's the very large Warner Bros 2 piece promo poster distributed at the time of the Sudden Impact cinema release. I can't remember ever seeing it in the press book, so it must of been very rarely circulated. The size (when joined) 7ft 7" tall x 3ft 4" wide.
Sudden Impact 1984 Colour Mounted slide x 1
Sudden Impact 1984 Colour mounted slides on location x 4
Sudden Impact 1984 Full colour press kit with photos and thick production notes

Sudden Impact Original Soundtrack Lalo Schifrin on the Aleph Label
Sudden Impact 1984 2 very rare transparent promotional window stickers, size 14x11
Sudden Impact 1984 German Original film program
Sudden Impact 1984 Japan full colour film brochure
Sudden Impact 1984 Original lobby set x 12 German
Sudden Impact 1984 Below: Set of 6 original French FOH stills
Sudden Impact 1984 Mini lobby set x 8 USA

Close up example of the U.S. Lobby card
Below: Designed primarily to promote the Hodder and Stoughton tie-in paperback of the 1983 film, it was probably displayed in certain cinemas and selected book stores. The poster measures approximately 37cm by 49.5cm (14.5” x 19.5”) and features the regular ‘enforcer’ facial shot set against the San Francisco skyline. My kindest thanks to Davy Triumph for sending me one of these.
Sudden Impact 1984 Original films tie in Paperback
Sudden Impact 1984 Three rare pin badges issued by Warner Brothers (Sudden Impact, Go ahead Make my day and Dirty Harry is at it again) Approx 1" (Several of each)
Sudden Impact 1984 Large promotional badge from Warner Brothers with its changing face when badge is angled (Clint Eastwood Sudden Impact - Make My Day)
Sudden Impact 1984 Pin badge to tie in on the release of Sudden Impact

Sudden Impact 1984 Press Stills b/w x 23 + 9 colour

Sudden Impact 1984 promotional tin cigarette box with artwork to front
Sudden Impact 1984 promotional tin money box circular with artwork to front
Sudden Impact 1984 promotional tin storage box with artwork to front
Sudden Impact 1984 UK Original Exhibitors Campaign book
Sudden Impact 1984 UK Original Promo stickers
Sudden Impact and Dirty Harry CD as LP but no Enforcer/Fielding tracks
Sudden Impact and the Best of Dirty Harry 1984 Original U.S. LP full art Sleeve

Sudden Impact 1984 R1 DVD 5.1 sound includes original trailer
Sudden Impact 1984 U.S. Widescreen Laserdisc Clint Eastwood stars for the Fourth time as San Francisco’s Dirty Harry

Sudden Impact Poster from WHV, Very Rare poster with the other Harry films Rolled Condition
Below: An Original Sudden Impact UK Trade Ad

Below: From Variety Dec 1983 This Sudden Impact double page advertisement ran for one day only
Below: Huge double page trade advertisement from Variety 'Were just wild about Harry' which ran for just one day, Wednesday, January 18th 1984 
Below: Six very rare FYC full page glossy advertisements for Sudden Impact
Some other Sudden Impact material from around the World:

Below: The U.S. Laserdisc (Panned and Scanned) edition, Original issue and not as featured in the U.S. Laserdisc box set above
Below: Sudden Impact 1984 U.S. Widescreen Laserdisc (Front and Back)
Below: Sudden Impact Japanese Laserdisc with Obi Band, which used the more familiar Black and Red combo design, rather than the strange 'pinkish' colour as used on the Original U.S. Laserdisc...
Below: A very rare Japanese 7" single of Roberta Flack's This Side of Forever, which took full advantage of the film artwork. Cat No P-1827 Warner Brothers Records.
Below: Sudden Impact Rare Japanese ticket stub
Below: Sudden Impact 1984 U.S. promotional folder

Below: The Very Rare German Door Panel poster

Below: The Japanese Poster design
Below: Sudden Impact Flagship Theaters Advance Subway poster (size 45 x 54.5)

Below: Sudden Impact Australian Photo Sheet (28 X 40)
Below: Some great shoots from Sudden Impact
Below: A rare shot featuring Buddy Van Horn (left), Clint and film crew shooting Sudden Impact, Bruce Surtees with camera, stuntman Chuck Waters far right
Below: From the Dirty Harry Collection, Sudden Impact on Blu-ray
Below: Here's a great shot of Clint filming Sudden Impact on Santa Cruz boardwalk
Below: Sudden Impact WHV fact sheet for the Home Video release


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